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Third Presidential Debate

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Essay Preview: Third Presidential Debate

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Third Presidential Debate

President Barack Obama Vs. Mitt Romney

October 22nd - Boca Raton, FL-Foreign Policy

Which Candidate seemed to have more confidence? Explain. To me President Barack Obama had more confidence going into this. Whereas Mitt Romney seemed more like he contradicted himself throughout the debate.

Who gave the better opening statement? Closing statement? I feel the Obama had the better opening statement he seemed focused and on topic. Mitt Romney seemed to go off topic a lot. I also feel that Obama had the better closing statement he was confident and knew what he was talking about. Romney seemed like the just wanted to keep America going the way it has been.

Select three questions. Which candidate's response do you agree with? Why? One question was the war in Syria. I agreed with president Obama saying that Assad has to go. Another question was the Egyptian turmoil. They both agreed the President Mubarak had to go. The third question was Americas role in the world. I agree with Mitt Romney when he said that America had a responsibility to protect the freedoms of other countries.

Which candidate do you believe won this debate? Why? I believe President Obama won this debate. He seemed more like he knew what he was doing. Romney seemed lost and like he wouldn't do America any good if he was put in power. He would keep going with the same policies that aren't working.



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