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The Tyrant Lizard King

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The Tyrant lizard king

By looking at the title do you know what it is about? The Tyrant Lizard king is actually the nickname of a dinosaur you probably do know which is, Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T. Rex was about Forty feet long, about fifth teen to twenty feet tall. Although the Tyrannosaurus Rex was big it was not the biggest dinosaur, compared to other dinosaurs he was quite small! Unlike what you may think, the T. Rex might not have been green; no one knows what color it was. The Tyrannosaurus Rex had a big head. The Tyrannosaurus Rex had two strong legs and two tiny little arms (Three feet long) each with two fingers. He also had a straight stiff tail that was good for giving it balance and for it to make quick turns. The T. Rex weighed about five to seven tons.

"Nowhere in the scientific literature does anyone present evidence to support T. Rex being a predator" By Dr Jack Horner The dinosaur was a carnivore. But is might not have been a predator as you may think. A lot of scientists believe that the Tyrannosaurus Rex was in fact a scavenger! They think that because scavengers need a good sense a smell like the Tyrannosaurus Rex had so they could smell the food from afar. Scientist also believe that the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a scavenger since the dinosaur had small eyes it probably could not pray for food and the Tyrannosaurus Rex had small arms that could not hold the prey.



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