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Preschool Observation - the Observation of a Six Year Old Boy

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Essay Preview: Preschool Observation - the Observation of a Six Year Old Boy

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Clifford Cuffy

Preschool Observation

University of the Virgin Islands

Topic:        The Observation of a six year old boy

Date:        10/5/2015

Time Observation starts:        3:05 pm

Time Observation ended:        3:20 pm

Name of child:         Ozario 

Age of Child:        6 years, 2 days

Setting: The setting took place in play area of the housing community at Ozario’s place of residence.  Ozario is sliding in and out of the slides in the children’s playground. There are other children playing in the play area.

Observation: Ozario is taking turns with another child going in and out of the slide.  He is laughing out aloud and trying to beat his friend to the top. He seems to be getting exhausted and so he stops and pauses at the side of the slide while his friend continues.  He then sits in the sand and mumbles “e-e-e-e it’s not fair”.   His friend does not respond but continues to go in and out of the slide laughing away.  Ozario’s friend then stops and walks up to Ozario and said, “You wana play?” Orario kicks the sand in frustration.  He seemed upset with his friend who continued to run on the slide while he was exhausted and could not continue to play.  Eventually, Ozario got up and sped for the slide in laughter followed by his friend as they continued their fun.

Interpretation:   From my point of view I realize that the Ozario was upset and that his  behavior and attitude towards his friend is a reflection of the cognitive developmental trait in a typical preschool aged child who expressions egocentric thinking; in that a child at the preoperational stage of development of Piaget’s theory does not realize that people have thoughts and ideas of their and as a result at his social level of development he sees the world from his own standpoint and not in any one else.   I also noticed that they were quick to set aside their differences which is a hall mark of child’s social skills at that stage of development; in that, at that stage of development children begin to discover the joy of peer friendship and so they see their peers as individuals and form friendship based on trust and shared interest.    



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